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Garden Walls are a fantastic way to border your property, giving a defined boundary line as well as adding an attractive and decorative finish. Walling also provides a difficult obstacle for intruders to negotiate and gives a protective element to your home.

Garden walls are also effective at providing screen walling where necessary, for example creating a division between garden and unsightly areas, just for privacy or as a decorative screen to host planting.

There are many types of garden wall to choose from to suit the style, period and location of your property. The choice of brick and mortar used can be exactly matched to the existing brickwork of your property, giving continuity, or can be completely different to contrast and complement the existing.

Walling can also be used to as a retainer where ground levels may vary as part of a landscape project. Steps can be incorporated where changes of level occur.

Existing walling can be altered to accommodate a wider entrance to your property, giving easier access to driveways. Alterations to existing walling are also possible, for example where a wall is too high, blocking light from the property, this can be lowered and capped at a reasonable height.